Elegant & delicate.

“A delicious gin full of nuanced qualities. “


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Award Winner 2023.

Selected by The Guild of Fine Food
Great Taste Award



The unmistakable taste of juniper provides that quintessential gin essence. Citrus notes of orange and lemon follow, offering a rounded but refreshing kick that invigorates the senses. The unexpected twist of pink peppercorns introduces a mildly spicy and aromatic nuance. This spice is mellowed by the gentle presence of Bay. An infusion of a secret tea blend adds a delicate flavour that adds a layer of complexity with subtle floral notes. 



The regal presence of Bay makes a pronounced statement, exuding an earthy allure that’s heightened by the exotic hints of spice. As these flavours begin to meld, the finish is beautifully finished by a gentle sweetness, reminiscent of a serene twilight. This lingering sweetness offers a counterbalance to the spice, wrapping the experience in a velvety embrace. The journey of savoring Golden Road Gin remains etched in memory long after the glass is empty.

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